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UnicodeString & TransliterationRule::toRule ( UnicodeString rule,
UBool  escapeUnprintable 
) const [virtual]

Create a rule string that represents this rule object. Append it to the given string.

Create a source string that represents this rule. Append it to the given string.

Definition at line 466 of file rbt_rule.cpp.

References anteContext, UnicodeString::append(), flags, key, NULL, output, postContext, UnicodeFunctor::toReplacer(), UnicodeReplacer::toReplacerPattern(), and TRUE.

Referenced by TransliterationRuleSet::toRules().


    // Accumulate special characters (and non-specials following them)
    // into quoteBuf.  Append quoteBuf, within single quotes, when
    // a non-quoted element must be inserted.
    UnicodeString str, quoteBuf;

    // Do not emit the braces '{' '}' around the pattern if there
    // is neither anteContext nor postContext.
    UBool emitBraces =
        (anteContext != NULL) || (postContext != NULL);

    // Emit start anchor
    if ((flags & ANCHOR_START) != 0) {

    // Emit the input pattern
    ICU_Utility::appendToRule(rule, anteContext, escapeUnprintable, quoteBuf);

    if (emitBraces) {
        ICU_Utility::appendToRule(rule, (UChar) 0x007B /*{*/, TRUE, escapeUnprintable, quoteBuf);

    ICU_Utility::appendToRule(rule, key, escapeUnprintable, quoteBuf);

    if (emitBraces) {
        ICU_Utility::appendToRule(rule, (UChar) 0x007D /*}*/, TRUE, escapeUnprintable, quoteBuf);

    ICU_Utility::appendToRule(rule, postContext, escapeUnprintable, quoteBuf);

    // Emit end anchor
    if ((flags & ANCHOR_END) != 0) {

    ICU_Utility::appendToRule(rule, FORWARD_OP, TRUE, escapeUnprintable, quoteBuf);

    // Emit the output pattern

    ICU_Utility::appendToRule(rule, output->toReplacer()->toReplacerPattern(str, escapeUnprintable),
                              TRUE, escapeUnprintable, quoteBuf);

    ICU_Utility::appendToRule(rule, (UChar) 0x003B /*;*/, TRUE, escapeUnprintable, quoteBuf);

    return rule;

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