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Format Member List

This is the complete list of members for Format, including all inherited members.

actualLocale (defined in Format)Format [private]
clone() const =0Format [pure virtual]
Format()Format [protected]
Format(const Format &)Format [protected]
format(const Formattable &obj, UnicodeString &appendTo, UErrorCode &status) const Format
format(const Formattable &obj, UnicodeString &appendTo, FieldPosition &pos, UErrorCode &status) const =0Format [pure virtual]
format(const Formattable &obj, UnicodeString &appendTo, FieldPositionIterator *posIter, UErrorCode &status) const Format [virtual]
getDynamicClassID() const =0Format [pure virtual]
getLocale(ULocDataLocaleType type, UErrorCode &status) const Format
getLocaleID(ULocDataLocaleType type, UErrorCode &status) const Format
operator delete(void *p) U_NO_THROWUMemory [static]
operator delete(void *, void *) U_NO_THROWUMemory [inline, static]
operator delete[](void *p) U_NO_THROWUMemory [static]
operator new(size_t size) U_NO_THROWUMemory [static]
operator new(size_t, void *ptr) U_NO_THROWUMemory [inline, static]
operator new[](size_t size) U_NO_THROWUMemory [static]
operator!=(const Format &other) const Format [inline]
operator=(const Format &)Format [protected]
operator==(const Format &other) const =0Format [pure virtual]
parseObject(const UnicodeString &source, Formattable &result, ParsePosition &parse_pos) const =0Format [pure virtual]
parseObject(const UnicodeString &source, Formattable &result, UErrorCode &status) const Format
setLocaleIDs(const char *valid, const char *actual)Format [protected]
syntaxError(const UnicodeString &pattern, int32_t pos, UParseError &parseError)Format [protected, static]
validLocale (defined in Format)Format [private]
~Format()Format [virtual]
~UObject()UObject [virtual]

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