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UParseError Struct Reference

#include <parseerr.h>

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Detailed Description

A UParseError struct is used to returned detailed information about parsing errors. It is used by ICU parsing engines that parse long rules, patterns, or programs, where the text being parsed is long enough that more information than a UErrorCode is needed to localize the error.

The line, offset, and context fields are optional; parsing engines may choose not to use to use them.

The preContext and postContext strings include some part of the context surrounding the error. If the source text is "let for=7" and "for" is the error (e.g., because it is a reserved word), then some examples of what a parser might produce are the following:

 preContext   postContext
 ""           ""            The parser does not support context
 "let "       "=7"          Pre- and post-context only
 "let "       "for=7"       Pre- and post-context and error text
 ""           "for"         Error text only

Examples of engines which use UParseError (or may use it in the future) are Transliterator, RuleBasedBreakIterator, and RegexPattern.

ICU 2.0

Definition at line 56 of file parseerr.h.

Public Attributes

int32_t line
int32_t offset
UChar postContext [U_PARSE_CONTEXT_LEN]
UChar preContext [U_PARSE_CONTEXT_LEN]

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