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typedef UCharDirection U_CALLCONV UBiDiClassCallback(const void *context, UChar32 c)

Callback type declaration for overriding default Bidi class values with custom ones.

Usually, the function pointer will be propagated to a UBiDi object by calling the ubidi_setClassCallback() function; then the callback will be invoked by the UBA implementation any time the class of a character is to be determined.

context is a pointer to the callback private data.
c is the code point to get a Bidi class for.
The directional property / Bidi class for the given code point c if the default class has been overridden, or U_BIDI_CLASS_DEFAULT if the standard Bidi class value for c is to be used.
See also:

ubidi_getClassCallback ICU 3.6

Definition at line 1838 of file ubidi.h.

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