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#define UBIDI_DEFAULT_RTL   0xff

Paragraph level setting.

Constant indicating that the base direction depends on the first strong directional character in the text according to the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm. If no strong directional character is present, then set the paragraph level to 1 (right-to-left).

If this value is used in conjunction with reordering modes UBIDI_REORDER_INVERSE_LIKE_DIRECT or UBIDI_REORDER_INVERSE_FOR_NUMBERS_SPECIAL, the text to reorder is assumed to be visual LTR, and the text after reordering is required to be the corresponding logical string with appropriate contextual direction. The direction of the result string will be RTL if either the righmost or leftmost strong character of the source text is RTL or Arabic Letter, or if the text contains no strong character; the direction will be LTR otherwise.

If reordering option UBIDI_OPTION_INSERT_MARKS is set, an RLM may be added at the beginning of the result string to ensure round trip (that the result string, when reordered back to visual, will produce the original source text).

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Definition at line 384 of file ubidi.h.

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