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UMemory Class Reference

#include <uobject.h>

Inheritance diagram for UMemory:

ByteSink CalendarAstronomer CalendarAstronomer::Ecliptic CalendarAstronomer::Equatorial CalendarAstronomer::Horizon CalendarCache CalendarData CharSubstitutionFilter DefaultCharMapper DigitList ErrorCode Hashtable ICUNotifier LanguageBreakEngine LanguageBreakFactory LocaleBased ParseData RuleCharacterIterator RuleCharacterIterator::Pos RuleHalf ScriptRunIterator StringPair StringPiece TextTrieMap TransliterationRule TransliterationRuleData TransliterationRuleSet TransliteratorAlias TransliteratorEntry TransliteratorIDParser::SingleID TransliteratorIDParser::Specs TransliteratorRegistry TransliteratorSpec TrieWordDictionary UObject

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Detailed Description

UMemory is the common ICU base class. All other ICU C++ classes are derived from UMemory (starting with ICU 2.4).

This is primarily to make it possible and simple to override the C++ memory management by adding new/delete operators to this base class.

To override ALL ICU memory management, including that from plain C code, replace the allocation functions declared in cmemory.h

UMemory does not contain any virtual functions. Common "boilerplate" functions are defined in UObject.

ICU 2.4

Definition at line 101 of file uobject.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete (void *, void *) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete (void *p) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete[] (void *p) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new (size_t, void *ptr) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new (size_t size) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new[] (size_t size) U_NO_THROW

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