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virtual UBool TimeZone::inDaylightTime ( UDate  date,
UErrorCode status 
) const [pure virtual]

Queries if the given date is in daylight savings time in this time zone. This method is wasteful since it creates a new GregorianCalendar and deletes it each time it is called. This is a deprecated method and provided only for Java compatibility.

date the given UDate.
status Output param filled in with success/error code.
true if the given date is in daylight savings time, false, otherwise.
ICU 2.4. Use Calendar::inDaylightTime() instead.

Implemented in OlsonTimeZone, RuleBasedTimeZone, SimpleTimeZone, and VTimeZone.

Referenced by TimeZoneBoundaryTest::findBoundariesStepwise(), VTimeZone::inDaylightTime(), DateFormatTest::TestTwoDigitYearDSTParse(), TimeZoneTest::testUsingBinarySearch(), TimeZoneTest::TestVariousAPI518(), and TimeZoneBoundaryTest::verifyDST().

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