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CollationElementIterator * RuleBasedCollator::createCollationElementIterator ( const UnicodeString source  )  const [virtual]

Creates a collation element iterator for the source string. The caller of this method is responsible for the memory management of the return pointer.

source the string over which the CollationElementIterator will iterate.
the collation element iterator of the source string using this as the based Collator. ICU 2.2

Definition at line 251 of file tblcoll.cpp.

References CollationElementIterator, NULL, U_FAILURE, and U_ZERO_ERROR.

Referenced by CollationIteratorTest::TestAssignment(), CollationIteratorTest::TestConstructors(), CollationIteratorTest::TestMaxExpansion(), CollationAPITest::TestMaxExpansion(), CollationIteratorTest::TestOffset(), CollationIteratorTest::TestPrevious(), CollationIteratorTest::TestSetText(), CollationIteratorTest::TestStrengthOrder(), CollationAPITest::TestUClassID(), and CollationIteratorTest::TestUnicodeChar().

    UErrorCode status = U_ZERO_ERROR;
    CollationElementIterator *result = new CollationElementIterator(source, this,
    if (U_FAILURE(status)) {
        delete result;
        return NULL;

    return result;

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