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UNormalizationCheckResult Normalizer::quickCheck ( const UnicodeString source,
UNormalizationMode  mode,
UErrorCode status 
) [inline, static]

Performing quick check on a string, to quickly determine if the string is in a particular normalization format. This is a wrapper for unorm_quickCheck(), using a UnicodeString.

Three types of result can be returned UNORM_YES, UNORM_NO or UNORM_MAYBE. Result UNORM_YES indicates that the argument string is in the desired normalized format, UNORM_NO determines that argument string is not in the desired normalized format. A UNORM_MAYBE result indicates that a more thorough check is required, the user may have to put the string in its normalized form and compare the results.

source string for determining if it is in a normalized format
mode normalization format
status A reference to a UErrorCode to receive any errors
See also:
isNormalized ICU 2.0

Definition at line 769 of file normlzr.h.

Referenced by quickCheck(), and ucol_getTailoredSet().

    return quickCheck(source, mode, 0, status);

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