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BasicTimeZone Class Reference

#include <basictz.h>

Inheritance diagram for BasicTimeZone:

TimeZone UObject UMemory OlsonTimeZone RuleBasedTimeZone SimpleTimeZone VTimeZone

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Detailed Description

BasicTimeZone is an abstract class extending TimeZone. This class provides some additional methods to access time zone transitions and rules. All ICU TimeZone concrete subclasses extend this class. ICU 3.8

Definition at line 34 of file basictz.h.

Public Types

enum  { kStandard = 0x01, kDaylight = 0x03, kFormer = 0x04, kLatter = 0x0C }
enum  EDisplayType {

Public Member Functions

virtual TimeZoneclone (void) const =0
virtual int32_t countTransitionRules (UErrorCode &status)=0
UnicodeStringgetDisplayName (UBool daylight, EDisplayType style, const Locale &locale, UnicodeString &result) const
UnicodeStringgetDisplayName (UBool daylight, EDisplayType style, UnicodeString &result) const
UnicodeStringgetDisplayName (const Locale &locale, UnicodeString &result) const
UnicodeStringgetDisplayName (UnicodeString &result) const
virtual int32_t getDSTSavings () const
virtual UClassID getDynamicClassID (void) const =0
UnicodeStringgetID (UnicodeString &ID) const
virtual UBool getNextTransition (UDate base, UBool inclusive, TimeZoneTransition &result)=0
virtual void getOffset (UDate date, UBool local, int32_t &rawOffset, int32_t &dstOffset, UErrorCode &ec) const
virtual int32_t getOffset (uint8_t era, int32_t year, int32_t month, int32_t day, uint8_t dayOfWeek, int32_t milliseconds, int32_t monthLength, UErrorCode &status) const =0
virtual int32_t getOffset (uint8_t era, int32_t year, int32_t month, int32_t day, uint8_t dayOfWeek, int32_t millis, UErrorCode &status) const =0
virtual void getOffsetFromLocal (UDate date, int32_t nonExistingTimeOpt, int32_t duplicatedTimeOpt, int32_t &rawOffset, int32_t &dstOffset, UErrorCode &status)
virtual UBool getPreviousTransition (UDate base, UBool inclusive, TimeZoneTransition &result)=0
virtual int32_t getRawOffset (void) const =0
virtual void getSimpleRulesNear (UDate date, InitialTimeZoneRule *&initial, AnnualTimeZoneRule *&std, AnnualTimeZoneRule *&dst, UErrorCode &status)
virtual void getTimeZoneRules (const InitialTimeZoneRule *&initial, const TimeZoneRule *trsrules[], int32_t &trscount, UErrorCode &status)=0
virtual UBool hasEquivalentTransitions (BasicTimeZone &tz, UDate start, UDate end, UBool ignoreDstAmount, UErrorCode &ec)
virtual UBool hasSameRules (const TimeZone &other) const
virtual UBool inDaylightTime (UDate date, UErrorCode &status) const =0
UBool operator!= (const TimeZone &that) const
virtual UBool operator== (const TimeZone &that) const
void setID (const UnicodeString &ID)
virtual void setRawOffset (int32_t offsetMillis)=0
virtual UBool useDaylightTime (void) const =0
virtual ~BasicTimeZone ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void U_EXPORT2 adoptDefault (TimeZone *zone)
static int32_t U_EXPORT2 countEquivalentIDs (const UnicodeString &id)
static TimeZone *U_EXPORT2 createDefault (void)
static StringEnumeration *U_EXPORT2 createEnumeration (const char *country)
static StringEnumeration *U_EXPORT2 createEnumeration (int32_t rawOffset)
static StringEnumeration *U_EXPORT2 createEnumeration ()
static TimeZone *U_EXPORT2 createTimeZone (const UnicodeString &ID)
static UnicodeString &U_EXPORT2 getCanonicalID (const UnicodeString &id, UnicodeString &canonicalID, UBool &isSystemID, UErrorCode &status)
static UnicodeString &U_EXPORT2 getCanonicalID (const UnicodeString &id, UnicodeString &canonicalID, UErrorCode &status)
static const UnicodeString
getEquivalentID (const UnicodeString &id, int32_t index)
static const TimeZone *U_EXPORT2 getGMT (void)
static UClassID U_EXPORT2 getStaticClassID (void)
static const char *U_EXPORT2 getTZDataVersion (UErrorCode &status)
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete (void *, void *) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete (void *p) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete[] (void *p) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new (size_t, void *ptr) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new (size_t size) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new[] (size_t size) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 setDefault (const TimeZone &zone)

Protected Types

enum  { kStdDstMask = kDaylight, kFormerLatterMask = kLatter }

Protected Member Functions

 BasicTimeZone (const BasicTimeZone &source)
 BasicTimeZone (const UnicodeString &id)
 BasicTimeZone ()
void getTimeZoneRulesAfter (UDate start, InitialTimeZoneRule *&initial, UVector *&transitionRules, UErrorCode &status)

Static Protected Member Functions

static UResourceBundleloadRule (const UResourceBundle *top, const UnicodeString &ruleid, UResourceBundle *oldbundle, UErrorCode &status)

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