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U_STABLE void U_EXPORT2 utrace_setFunctions ( const void *  context,
UTraceEntry e,
UTraceExit x,
UTraceData d 

Set ICU Tracing functions. Installs application-provided tracing functions into ICU. After doing this, subsequent ICU operations will call back to the installed functions, providing a trace of the use of ICU. Passing a NULL pointer for a tracing function is allowed, and inhibits tracing action at points where that function would be called.

Tracing and Threads: Tracing functions are global to a process, and will be called in response to ICU operations performed by any thread. If tracing of an individual thread is desired, the tracing functions must themselves filter by checking that the current thread is the desired thread.

context an uninterpretted pointer. Whatever is passed in here will in turn be passed to each of the tracing functions UTraceEntry, UTraceExit and UTraceData. ICU does not use or alter this pointer.
e Callback function to be called on entry to a a traced ICU function.
x Callback function to be called on exit from a traced ICU function.
d Callback function to be called from within a traced ICU function, for the purpose of providing data to the trace.
ICU 2.8

Definition at line 393 of file utrace.c.

    pTraceEntryFunc = e;
    pTraceExitFunc  = x;
    pTraceDataFunc  = d;
    gTraceContext   = context;

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