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UnicodeString & UnicodeString::findAndReplace ( int32_t  start,
int32_t  length,
const UnicodeString oldText,
const UnicodeString newText 
) [inline]

Replace all occurrences of characters in oldText with characters in newText in the range [start, start + length).

start the start of the range in which replace will performed
length the length of the range in which replace will be performed
oldText the text containing the search text
newText the text containing the replacement text
a reference to this ICU 2.0

Definition at line 4049 of file unistr.h.

References findAndReplace(), and length().

{ return findAndReplace(start, _length, oldText, 0, oldText.length(),
            newText, 0, newText.length()); }

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