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int8_t UnicodeString::caseCompare ( const UnicodeString text,
uint32_t  options 
) const [inline]

Compare two strings case-insensitively using full case folding. This is equivalent to this->foldCase(options).compare(text.foldCase(options)).

text Another string to compare this one to.
options A bit set of options:
  • U_FOLD_CASE_DEFAULT or 0 is used for default options: Comparison in code unit order with default case folding.
  • U_COMPARE_CODE_POINT_ORDER Set to choose code point order instead of code unit order (see u_strCompare for details).


A negative, zero, or positive integer indicating the comparison result. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 3700 of file unistr.h.

References length().

Referenced by AnyTransliterator::registerIDs(), TransliteratorIDParser::registerSpecialInverse(), TransliteratorIDParser::specsToSpecialInverse(), DecimalFormat::subparse(), UnicodeStringTest::TestBasicManipulation(), UnicodeStringTest::TestCompare(), and TransliteratorTest::TestSTV().

  return doCaseCompare(0, length(), text, 0, text.length(), options);

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