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UBool UnicodeString::startsWith ( const UnicodeString text  )  const [inline]

Determine if this starts with the characters in text

text The text to match.
TRUE if this starts with the characters in text, FALSE otherwise ICU 2.0

Definition at line 3924 of file unistr.h.

References compare(), and length().

Referenced by DateTimeStyleSet::handleParseValue(), TimeZone::parseCustomID(), RuleBasedNumberFormat::setDefaultRuleSet(), DateIntervalFormat::setIntervalPattern(), MessageFormatRegressionTest::Test4142938(), UnicodeStringTest::TestPrefixAndSuffix(), NewResourceBundleTest::testTag(), and DateFormatTest::TestWallyWedel().

{ return compare(0, text.length(), text, 0, text.length()) == 0; }

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