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UnicodeString::UnicodeString ( const char *  codepageData,
int32_t  dataLength,
const char *  codepage 

char* constructor.

codepageData an array of bytes.
dataLength The number of bytes in codepageData.
codepage the encoding of codepageData. The special value 0 for codepage indicates that the text is in the platform's default codepage. If codepage is an empty string (""), then a simple conversion is performed on the codepage-invariant subset ("invariant characters") of the platform encoding. See utypes.h. Recommendation: For invariant-character strings use the constructor UnicodeString(const char *src, int32_t length, enum EInvariant inv) because it avoids object code dependencies of UnicodeString on the conversion code.
ICU 2.0

Definition at line 74 of file unistr_cnv.cpp.

  : fShortLength(0),
    if(codepageData != 0) {
        doCodepageCreate(codepageData, dataLength, codepage);

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