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UnicodeString & UnicodeString::insert ( int32_t  start,
const UnicodeString srcText,
int32_t  srcStart,
int32_t  srcLength 
) [inline]

Insert the characters in srcText in the range [srcStart, srcStart + srcLength) into the UnicodeString object at offset start. srcText is not modified.

start the offset where the insertion begins
srcText the source for the new characters
srcStart the offset into srcText where new characters will be obtained
srcLength the number of characters in srcText in the insert string
a reference to this ICU 2.0

Definition at line 4345 of file unistr.h.

Referenced by DecimalFormat::addPadding(), DateIntervalFormat::adjustFieldWidth(), copy(), Transliterator::getDisplayName(), DateIntervalFormat::initializePattern(), TransliteratorIDParser::parseGlobalFilter(), DateIntervalFormat::setIntervalPattern(), TransliteratorIDParser::specsToID(), NumberFormatTest::TestAdoptDecimalFormatSymbols(), UnicodeStringTest::TestBasicManipulation(), DateFormatTest::TestFieldPosition(), UnicodeStringTest::TestMiscellaneous(), UnicodeStringTest::TestStackAllocation(), DecimalFormat::toPattern(), StringReplacer::toReplacerPattern(), and Transliterator::toRules().

{ return doReplace(start, 0, srcText, srcStart, srcLength); }

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