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UnicodeFunctor * UnicodeSet::freeze (  ) 

Freeze the set (make it immutable). Once frozen, it cannot be unfrozen and is therefore thread-safe until it is deleted. See the ICU4J Freezable interface for details. Freezing the set may also make some operations faster, for example contains() and span(). A frozen set will not be modified. (It remains frozen.)

this set.
See also:

cloneAsThawed ICU 3.8

Definition at line 2085 of file uniset.cpp.

References isBogus(), UVector::isEmpty(), isFrozen(), NULL, and setToBogus().

Referenced by SpoofImpl::setAllowedLocales(), and TransliteratorTest::TestAny().

    if(!isFrozen() && !isBogus()) {
        // Do most of what compact() does before freezing because
        // compact() will not work when the set is frozen.
        // Small modification: Don't shrink if the savings would be tiny (<=GROW_EXTRA).

        // Delete buffer first to defragment memory less.
        if (buffer != NULL) {
            buffer = NULL;
        if (capacity > (len + GROW_EXTRA)) {
            // Make the capacity equal to len or 1.
            // We don't want to realloc of 0 size.
            capacity = len + (len == 0);
            list = (UChar32*) uprv_realloc(list, sizeof(UChar32) * capacity);
            if (list == NULL) { // Check for memory allocation error.
                return this;

        // Optimize contains() and span() and similar functions.
        if (!strings->isEmpty()) {
            stringSpan = new UnicodeSetStringSpan(*this, *strings, UnicodeSetStringSpan::ALL);
            if (stringSpan != NULL && !stringSpan->needsStringSpanUTF16()) {
                // All strings are irrelevant for span() etc. because
                // all of each string's code points are contained in this set.
                // Do not check needsStringSpanUTF8() because UTF-8 has at most as
                // many relevant strings as UTF-16.
                // (Thus needsStringSpanUTF8() implies needsStringSpanUTF16().)
                delete stringSpan;
                stringSpan = NULL;
        if (stringSpan == NULL) {
            // No span-relevant strings: Optimize for code point spans.
            bmpSet=new BMPSet(list, len);
            if (bmpSet == NULL) { // Check for memory allocation error.
    return this;

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