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void TransliteratorRegistry::remove ( const UnicodeString ID  ) 

Unregister an ID. This removes an entry from the dynamic store if there is one. The static locale resource store is unaffected.

ID the given ID.

Definition at line 680 of file transreg.cpp.

References availableIDs, TransliteratorIDParser::IDtoSTV(), registry, Hashtable::remove(), UVector::removeElement(), removeSTV(), and TransliteratorIDParser::STVtoID().

Referenced by Transliterator::unregister().

    UnicodeString source, target, variant;
    UBool sawSource;
    TransliteratorIDParser::IDtoSTV(ID, source, target, variant, sawSource);
    // Only need to do this if ID.indexOf('-') < 0
    UnicodeString id;
    TransliteratorIDParser::STVtoID(source, target, variant, id);
    removeSTV(source, target, variant);
    availableIDs.removeElement((void*) &id);

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