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void TransliterationRule::addSourceSetTo ( UnicodeSet toUnionTo  )  const

Union the set of all characters that may be modified by this rule into the given set.

Definition at line 530 of file rbt_rule.cpp.

References UnicodeSet::add(), UnicodeMatcher::addMatchSetTo(), anteContextLength, UnicodeString::char32At(), data, keyLength, TransliterationRuleData::lookupMatcher(), NULL, pattern, and UTF_CHAR_LENGTH.

Referenced by TransliterationRuleSet::getSourceTargetSet().

    int32_t limit = anteContextLength + keyLength;
    for (int32_t i=anteContextLength; i<limit; ) {
        UChar32 ch = pattern.char32At(i);
        i += UTF_CHAR_LENGTH(ch);
        const UnicodeMatcher* matcher = data->lookupMatcher(ch);
        if (matcher == NULL) {
        } else {

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