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U_STABLE UChar* U_EXPORT2 u_strrstr ( const UChar *  s,
const UChar *  substring 

Find the last occurrence of a substring in a string. The substring is found at code point boundaries. That means that if the substring begins with a trail surrogate or ends with a lead surrogate, then it is found only if these surrogates stand alone in the text. Otherwise, the substring edge units would be matched against halves of surrogate pairs.

s The string to search (NUL-terminated).
substring The substring to find (NUL-terminated).
A pointer to the last occurrence of substring in s, or s itself if the substring is empty, or NULL if substring is not in s. ICU 2.4
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Definition at line 363 of file ustring.c.

    return u_strFindLast(s, -1, substring, -1);

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