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U_STABLE int32_t U_EXPORT2 u_strFoldCase ( UChar *  dest,
int32_t  destCapacity,
const UChar *  src,
int32_t  srcLength,
uint32_t  options,
UErrorCode pErrorCode 

Case-fold the characters in a string. Case-folding is locale-independent and not context-sensitive, but there is an option for whether to include or exclude mappings for dotted I and dotless i that are marked with 'I' in CaseFolding.txt. The result may be longer or shorter than the original. The source string and the destination buffer are allowed to overlap.

dest A buffer for the result string. The result will be zero-terminated if the buffer is large enough.
destCapacity The size of the buffer (number of UChars). If it is 0, then dest may be NULL and the function will only return the length of the result without writing any of the result string.
src The original string
srcLength The length of the original string. If -1, then src must be zero-terminated.
pErrorCode Must be a valid pointer to an error code value, which must not indicate a failure before the function call.
The length of the result string. It may be greater than destCapacity. In that case, only some of the result was written to the destination buffer. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 620 of file ustrcase.c.

References UCaseMap::csp, NULL, and UCaseMap::options.

    UCaseMap csm={ NULL };
    return caseMap(&csm,
                   dest, destCapacity,
                   src, srcLength,
                   FOLD_CASE, pErrorCode);

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