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U_DRAFT int32_t U_EXPORT2 unum_parseDecimal ( const UNumberFormat fmt,
const UChar *  text,
int32_t  textLength,
int32_t *  parsePos,
char *  outBuf,
int32_t  outBufLength,
UErrorCode status 

Parse a number from a string into an unformatted numeric string using a UNumberFormat. The input string will be parsed according to the UNumberFormat's locale. The syntax of the output is a "numeric string" as defined in the Decimal Arithmetic Specification, available at http://speleotrove.com/decimal

fmt The formatter to use.
text The text to parse.
textLength The length of text, or -1 if null-terminated.
parsePos If not 0, on input a pointer to an integer specifying the offset at which to begin parsing. If not 0, on output the offset at which parsing ended.
outBuf A (char *) buffer to receive the parsed number as a string. The output string will be nul-terminated if there is sufficient space.
outBufLength The size of the output buffer. May be zero, in which case the outBuf pointer may be NULL, and the function will return the size of the output string.
status A pointer to an UErrorCode to receive any errors
the length of the output string, not including any terminating nul.
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unum_formatDouble ICU 4.4

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