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U_STABLE UEnumeration* U_EXPORT2 ucal_openCountryTimeZones ( const char *  country,
UErrorCode ec 

Create an enumeration over all time zones associated with the given country. Some zones are affiliated with no country (e.g., "UTC"); these may also be retrieved, as a group.

country the ISO 3166 two-letter country code, or NULL to retrieve zones not affiliated with any country
ec input/output error code
an enumeration object that the caller must dispose of using uenum_close(), or NULL upon failure. In case of failure *ec will indicate the error.
ICU 2.6

Definition at line 52 of file ucal.cpp.

References TimeZone::createEnumeration().

    return uenum_openFromStringEnumeration(TimeZone::createEnumeration(country), ec);

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