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UConverterMBCSTable Struct Reference

#include <ucnvmbcs.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is the MBCS part of the UConverterTable union (a runtime data structure). It keeps all the per-converter data and points into the loaded mapping tables.

utf8Friendly data structures added with _MBCSHeader.version 4.3

Definition at line 365 of file ucnvmbcs.h.

Public Attributes

uint32_t asciiRoundtrips
struct UConverterSharedData * baseSharedData
uint8_t countStates
uint32_t countToUFallbacks
uint8_t dbcsOnlyState
const int32_t * extIndexes
uint32_t fromUBytesLength
const uint8_t * fromUnicodeBytes
const uint16_t * fromUnicodeTable
UChar maxFastUChar
const uint16_t * mbcsIndex
uint8_t outputType
uint8_t * reconstitutedData
uint16_t sbcsIndex [SBCS_FAST_LIMIT >>6]
const int32_t stateTable [256]
uint8_t stateTableOwned
uint8_t * swapLFNLFromUnicodeBytes
char * swapLFNLName
int32_t swapLFNLStateTable [256]
const _MBCSToUFallbacktoUFallbacks
const uint16_t * unicodeCodeUnits
uint8_t unicodeMask
UBool utf8Friendly

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