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//  rbbitblb.h

*   Copyright (c) 2002-2005, International Business Machines
*   Corporation and others.  All Rights Reserved.

#ifndef RBBITBLB_H
#define RBBITBLB_H

#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/uobject.h"
#include "unicode/rbbi.h"
#include "rbbinode.h"


class RBBIRuleScanner;
class RBBIRuleBuilder;

//  class RBBITableBuilder is part of the RBBI rule compiler.
//                         It builds the state transition table used by the RBBI runtime
//                         from the expression syntax tree generated by the rule scanner.
//                         This class is part of the RBBI implementation only.
//                         There is no user-visible public API here.

class RBBITableBuilder : public UMemory {
    RBBITableBuilder(RBBIRuleBuilder *rb, RBBINode **rootNode);

    void     build();
    int32_t  getTableSize() const;      // Return the runtime size in bytes of
                                        //     the built state table
    void     exportTable(void *where);  // fill in the runtime state table.
                                        //     Sufficient memory must exist at
                                        //     the specified location.

    void     calcNullable(RBBINode *n);
    void     calcFirstPos(RBBINode *n);
    void     calcLastPos(RBBINode  *n);
    void     calcFollowPos(RBBINode *n);
    void     calcChainedFollowPos(RBBINode *n);
    void     bofFixup();
    void     buildStateTable();
    void     flagAcceptingStates();
    void     flagLookAheadStates();
    void     flagTaggedStates();
    void     mergeRuleStatusVals();

    // Set functions for UVector.
    //   TODO:  make a USet subclass of UVector

    void     setAdd(UVector *dest, UVector *source);
    UBool    setEquals(UVector *a, UVector *b);

    void     sortedAdd(UVector **dest, int32_t val);

    void     printSet(UVector *s);
    void     printPosSets(RBBINode *n /* = NULL*/);
    void     printStates();
    void     printRuleStatusTable();
    #define  printSet(s)
    #define  printPosSets(n)
    #define  printStates()
    #define  printRuleStatusTable()

    RBBIRuleBuilder  *fRB;
    RBBINode         *&fTree;              // The root node of the parse tree to build a
                                           //   table for.
    UErrorCode       *fStatus;

    UVector          *fDStates;            //  D states (Aho's terminology)
                                           //  Index is state number
                                           //  Contents are RBBIStateDescriptor pointers.

    RBBITableBuilder(const RBBITableBuilder &other); // forbid copying of this class
    RBBITableBuilder &operator=(const RBBITableBuilder &other); // forbid copying of this class

//  RBBIStateDescriptor - The DFA is constructed as a set of these descriptors,
//                        one for each state.
class RBBIStateDescriptor : public UMemory {
    UBool            fMarked;
    int32_t          fAccepting;
    int32_t          fLookAhead;
    UVector          *fTagVals;
    int32_t          fTagsIdx;
    UVector          *fPositions;          // Set of parse tree positions associated
                                           //   with this state.  Unordered (it's a set).
                                           //   UVector contents are RBBINode *

    UVector          *fDtran;              // Transitions out of this state.
                                           //   indexed by input character
                                           //   contents is int index of dest state
                                           //   in RBBITableBuilder.fDStates

    RBBIStateDescriptor(int maxInputSymbol,  UErrorCode *fStatus);

    RBBIStateDescriptor(const RBBIStateDescriptor &other); // forbid copying of this class
    RBBIStateDescriptor &operator=(const RBBIStateDescriptor &other); // forbid copying of this class


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