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TrieWordDictionary Class Reference

#include <triedict.h>

Inheritance diagram for TrieWordDictionary:

UMemory CompactTrieDictionary

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Detailed Description

TrieWordDictionary is an abstract class that represents a word dictionary based on a trie. The base protocol is read-only. Subclasses may allow writing.

Definition at line 61 of file triedict.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int32_t matches (UText *text, int32_t maxLength, int32_t *lengths, int &count, int limit) const =0
virtual StringEnumerationopenWords (UErrorCode &status) const =0
 TrieWordDictionary ()
virtual ~TrieWordDictionary ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete (void *, void *) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete (void *p) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete[] (void *p) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new (size_t, void *ptr) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new (size_t size) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new[] (size_t size) U_NO_THROW

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