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virtual int32_t SearchIterator::handlePrev ( int32_t  position,
UErrorCode status 
) [protected, pure virtual]

Abstract method which subclasses override to provide the mechanism for finding the previous match in the target text. This allows different subclasses to provide different search algorithms.

If a match is found, the implementation should return the index at which the match starts and should call setMatchLength with the number of characters in the target text that make up the match. If no match is found, the method should return USEARCH_DONE.

position The index in the target text at which the search should start.
status for error codes if it occurs.
index at which the match starts, else if match is not found USEARCH_DONE is returned
See also:
setMatchLength ICU 2.0

Implemented in StringSearch.

Referenced by last(), preceding(), and previous().

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