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U_NAMESPACE_BEGIN SearchIterator::SearchIterator ( const SearchIterator other  ) 

Copy constructor that creates a SearchIterator instance with the same behavior, and iterating over the same text.

other the SearchIterator instance to be copied. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 23 of file search.cpp.

References m_breakiterator_, m_search_, and m_text_.

    : UObject(other)
    m_breakiterator_            = other.m_breakiterator_;
    m_text_                     = other.m_text_;
    m_search_                   = (USearch *)uprv_malloc(sizeof(USearch));   
    m_search_->breakIter        = other.m_search_->breakIter;
    m_search_->isCanonicalMatch = other.m_search_->isCanonicalMatch;
    m_search_->isOverlap        = other.m_search_->isOverlap;
    m_search_->elementComparisonType = other.m_search_->elementComparisonType;
    m_search_->matchedIndex     = other.m_search_->matchedIndex;
    m_search_->matchedLength    = other.m_search_->matchedLength;
    m_search_->text             = other.m_search_->text;
    m_search_->textLength       = other.m_search_->textLength;

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