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ScriptAndLanguageTags.h File Reference

Detailed Description

For internal use only.

Definition in file ScriptAndLanguageTags.h.

#include "LETypes.h"

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const LETag afkLanguageTag = 0x41464B20
const LETag arabScriptTag = 0x61726162
const LETag araLanguageTag = 0x41524120
const LETag armiScriptTag = 0x61726D69
const LETag armnScriptTag = 0x61726D6E
const LETag asmLanguageTag = 0x41534D20
const LETag avstScriptTag = 0x61767374
const LETag baliScriptTag = 0x62616C69
const LETag bamuScriptTag = 0x62616D75
const LETag batkScriptTag = 0x6261746B
const LETag belLanguageTag = 0x42454C20
const LETag bengScriptTag = 0x62656E67
const LETag benLanguageTag = 0x42454E20
const LETag bgrLanguageTag = 0x42475220
const LETag blisScriptTag = 0x626C6973
const LETag bng2ScriptTag = 0x626E6732
const LETag bopoScriptTag = 0x626F706F
const LETag brahScriptTag = 0x62726168
const LETag braiScriptTag = 0x62726169
const LETag bugiScriptTag = 0x62756769
const LETag buhdScriptTag = 0x62756864
const LETag cakmScriptTag = 0x63616B6D
const LETag cansScriptTag = 0x63616E73
const LETag cariScriptTag = 0x63617269
const LETag catLanguageTag = 0x43415420
const LETag chamScriptTag = 0x6368616D
const LETag cheLanguageTag = 0x43484520
const LETag cherScriptTag = 0x63686572
const LETag cirtScriptTag = 0x63697274
const LETag copLanguageTag = 0x434F5020
const LETag coptScriptTag = 0x636F7074
const LETag cprtScriptTag = 0x63707274
const LETag csyLanguageTag = 0x43535920
const LETag cyrlScriptTag = 0x6379726C
const LETag cyrsScriptTag = 0x63797273
const LETag danLanguageTag = 0x44414E20
const LETag deuLanguageTag = 0x44455520
const LETag dev2ScriptTag = 0x64657632
const LETag devaScriptTag = 0x64657661
const LETag dsrtScriptTag = 0x64737274
const LETag dznLanguageTag = 0x445A4E20
const LETag egydScriptTag = 0x65677964
const LETag egyhScriptTag = 0x65677968
const LETag egypScriptTag = 0x65677970
const LETag ellLanguageTag = 0x454C4C20
const LETag engLanguageTag = 0x454E4720
const LETag espLanguageTag = 0x45535020
const LETag ethiScriptTag = 0x65746869
const LETag etiLanguageTag = 0x45544920
const LETag euqLanguageTag = 0x45555120
const LETag farLanguageTag = 0x46415220
const LETag finLanguageTag = 0x46494E20
const LETag fraLanguageTag = 0x46524120
const LETag gaeLanguageTag = 0x47414520
const LETag geokScriptTag = 0x67656F6B
const LETag georScriptTag = 0x67656F72
const LETag gjr2ScriptTag = 0x676A7232
const LETag glagScriptTag = 0x676C6167
const LETag gothScriptTag = 0x676F7468
const LETag grekScriptTag = 0x6772656B
const LETag gujLanguageTag = 0x47554A20
const LETag gujrScriptTag = 0x67756A72
const LETag gur2ScriptTag = 0x67757232
const LETag guruScriptTag = 0x67757275
const LETag hangScriptTag = 0x68616E67
const LETag haniScriptTag = 0x68616E69
const LETag hanoScriptTag = 0x68616E6F
const LETag hansScriptTag = 0x68616E73
const LETag hantScriptTag = 0x68616E74
const LETag hauLanguageTag = 0x48415520
const LETag hebrScriptTag = 0x68656272
const LETag hinLanguageTag = 0x48494E20
const LETag hiraScriptTag = 0x68697261
const LETag hmngScriptTag = 0x686D6E67
const LETag hrktScriptTag = 0x68726B74
const LETag hrvLanguageTag = 0x48525620
const LETag hungScriptTag = 0x68756E67
const LETag hunLanguageTag = 0x48554E20
const LETag hyeLanguageTag = 0x48594520
const LETag indLanguageTag = 0x494E4420
const LETag indsScriptTag = 0x696E6473
const LETag itaLanguageTag = 0x49544120
const LETag italScriptTag = 0x6974616C
const LETag iwrLanguageTag = 0x49575220
const LETag janLanguageTag = 0x4A414E20
const LETag javaScriptTag = 0x6A617661
const LETag jiiLanguageTag = 0x4A494920
const LETag jpanScriptTag = 0x6A70616E
const LETag kaliScriptTag = 0x6B616C69
const LETag kanaScriptTag = 0x6B616E61
const LETag kanLanguageTag = 0x4B414E20
const LETag kharScriptTag = 0x6B686172
const LETag khmLanguageTag = 0x4B484D20
const LETag khmrScriptTag = 0x6B686D72
const LETag knd2ScriptTag = 0x6B6E6432
const LETag kndaScriptTag = 0x6B6E6461
const LETag kokLanguageTag = 0x4B4F4B20
const LETag koreScriptTag = 0x6B6F7265
const LETag korLanguageTag = 0x4B4F5220
const LETag kshLanguageTag = 0x4B534820
const LETag kthiScriptTag = 0x6B746869
const LETag lanaScriptTag = 0x6C616E61
const LETag laooScriptTag = 0x6C616F20
const LETag latfScriptTag = 0x6C617466
const LETag latgScriptTag = 0x6C617467
const LETag latnScriptTag = 0x6C61746E
const LETag lepcScriptTag = 0x6C657063
const LETag limbScriptTag = 0x6C696D62
const LETag linaScriptTag = 0x6C696E61
const LETag linbScriptTag = 0x6C696E62
const LETag lisuScriptTag = 0x6C697375
const LETag lyciScriptTag = 0x6C796369
const LETag lydiScriptTag = 0x6C796469
const LETag malLanguageTag = 0x4D414C20
const LETag mandScriptTag = 0x6D616E64
const LETag maniScriptTag = 0x6D616E69
const LETag marLanguageTag = 0x4D415220
const LETag mayaScriptTag = 0x6D617961
const LETag meroScriptTag = 0x6D65726F
const LETag mlm2ScriptTag = 0x6D6C6D32
const LETag mlrLanguageTag = 0x4D4C5220
const LETag mlymScriptTag = 0x6D6C796D
const LETag mngLanguageTag = 0x4D4E4720
const LETag mniLanguageTag = 0x4D4E4920
const LETag mongScriptTag = 0x6D6F6E67
const LETag moonScriptTag = 0x6D6F6F6E
const LETag mteiScriptTag = 0x6D746569
const LETag mtsLanguageTag = 0x4D545320
const LETag mymrScriptTag = 0x6D796D72
const LETag nepLanguageTag = 0x4E455020
const LETag nkgbScriptTag = 0x6E6B6762
const LETag nkooScriptTag = 0x6E6B6F20
const LETag nldLanguageTag = 0x4E4C4420
const LETag nullLanguageTag = 0x00000000
const LETag nullScriptTag = 0x00000000
const LETag ogamScriptTag = 0x6F67616D
const LETag olckScriptTag = 0x6F6C636B
const LETag oriLanguageTag = 0x4F524920
const LETag orkhScriptTag = 0x6F726B68
const LETag ory2ScriptTag = 0x6F727932
const LETag oryaScriptTag = 0x6F727961
const LETag osmaScriptTag = 0x6F736D61
const LETag pasLanguageTag = 0x50415320
const LETag permScriptTag = 0x7065726D
const LETag phagScriptTag = 0x70686167
const LETag phliScriptTag = 0x70686C69
const LETag phlpScriptTag = 0x70686C70
const LETag phlvScriptTag = 0x70686C76
const LETag phnxScriptTag = 0x70686E78
const LETag plkLanguageTag = 0x504C4B20
const LETag plrdScriptTag = 0x706C7264
const LETag prtiScriptTag = 0x70727469
const LETag ptgLanguageTag = 0x50544720
const LETag rjngScriptTag = 0x726A6E67
const LETag romLanguageTag = 0x524F4D20
const LETag roroScriptTag = 0x726F726F
const LETag runrScriptTag = 0x72756E72
const LETag rusLanguageTag = 0x52555320
const LETag samrScriptTag = 0x73616D72
const LETag sanLanguageTag = 0x53414E20
const LETag saraScriptTag = 0x73617261
const LETag sarbScriptTag = 0x73617262
const LETag saurScriptTag = 0x73617572
const LETag sgnwScriptTag = 0x73676E77
const LETag shawScriptTag = 0x73686177
const LETag sinhScriptTag = 0x73696E68
const LETag skyLanguageTag = 0x534B5920
const LETag slvLanguageTag = 0x534C5620
const LETag sndLanguageTag = 0x534E4420
const LETag snhLanguageTag = 0x534E4820
const LETag sqiLanguageTag = 0x53514920
const LETag srbLanguageTag = 0x53524220
const LETag sundScriptTag = 0x73756E64
const LETag sveLanguageTag = 0x53564520
const LETag syloScriptTag = 0x73796C6F
const LETag syrcScriptTag = 0x73797263
const LETag syreScriptTag = 0x73797265
const LETag syrjScriptTag = 0x7379726A
const LETag syrLanguageTag = 0x53595220
const LETag syrnScriptTag = 0x7379726E
const LETag tagbScriptTag = 0x74616762
const LETag taleScriptTag = 0x74616C65
const LETag taluScriptTag = 0x74616C75
const LETag tamLanguageTag = 0x54414D20
const LETag tamlScriptTag = 0x74616D6C
const LETag tavtScriptTag = 0x74617674
const LETag tel2ScriptTag = 0x74656C32
const LETag telLanguageTag = 0x54454C20
const LETag teluScriptTag = 0x74656C75
const LETag tengScriptTag = 0x74656E67
const LETag tfngScriptTag = 0x74666E67
const LETag tglgScriptTag = 0x74676C67
const LETag thaaScriptTag = 0x74686161
const LETag thaiScriptTag = 0x74686169
const LETag thaLanguageTag = 0x54484120
const LETag tibLanguageTag = 0x54494220
const LETag tibtScriptTag = 0x74696274
const LETag tml2ScriptTag = 0x746D6C32
const LETag trkLanguageTag = 0x54524B20
const LETag ugarScriptTag = 0x75676172
const LETag urdLanguageTag = 0x55524420
const LETag vaiiScriptTag = 0x76616920
const LETag vispScriptTag = 0x76697370
const LETag welLanguageTag = 0x57454C20
const LETag xpeoScriptTag = 0x7870656F
const LETag xsuxScriptTag = 0x78737578
const LETag yiiiScriptTag = 0x79692020
const LETag zhpLanguageTag = 0x5A485020
const LETag zhsLanguageTag = 0x5A485320
const LETag zhtLanguageTag = 0x5A485420
const LETag zinhScriptTag = 0x7A696E68
const LETag zmthScriptTag = 0x7A6D7468
const LETag zsymScriptTag = 0x7A73796D
const LETag zxxxScriptTag = 0x7A787878
U_NAMESPACE_BEGIN const LETag zyyyScriptTag = 0x7A797979
const LETag zzzzScriptTag = 0x7A7A7A7A

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