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#define U16_GET_SUPPLEMENTARY ( lead,
trail   )     (((UChar32)(lead)<<10UL)+(UChar32)(trail)-U16_SURROGATE_OFFSET)

Get a supplementary code point value (U+10000..U+10ffff) from its lead and trail surrogates. The result is undefined if the input values are not lead and trail surrogates.

lead lead surrogate (U+d800..U+dbff)
trail trail surrogate (U+dc00..U+dfff)
supplementary code point (U+10000..U+10ffff) ICU 2.4

Definition at line 111 of file utf16.h.

Referenced by u_strToUTF32WithSub(), u_unescapeAt(), ucnv_getNextUChar(), utext_current32(), utext_next32(), and utext_previous32().

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