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#define UTEXT_NEXT32 ( ut   ) 


((ut)->chunkOffset < (ut)->chunkLength && ((ut)->chunkContents)[(ut)->chunkOffset]<0xd800 ? \
    ((ut)->chunkContents)[((ut)->chunkOffset)++] : utext_next32(ut))
inline version of utext_next32(), for performance-critical situations.

Get the code point at the current iteration position of the UText, and advance the position to the first index following the character. This is a post-increment operation. Returns U_SENTINEL (-1) if the position is at the end of the text.

ICU 3.4

Definition at line 859 of file utext.h.

Referenced by RegexMatcher::appendReplacement(), RegexMatcher::find(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::following(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::handleNext(), RegexMatcher::lookingAt(), RegexMatcher::matches(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::preceding(), RegexMatcher::region(), RegexMatcher::reset(), utext_caseCompare(), utext_caseCompareNativeLimit(), utext_compare(), and utext_compareNativeLimit().

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