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 *   Copyright (c) 2001-2007, International Business Machines
 *   Corporation and others.  All Rights Reserved.
 *   Date        Name        Description
 *   11/20/2001  aliu        Creation.
#ifndef UNESCTRN_H
#define UNESCTRN_H

#include "unicode/utypes.h"


#include "unicode/translit.h"


 * A transliterator that converts Unicode escape forms to the
 * characters they represent.  Escape forms have a prefix, a suffix, a
 * radix, and minimum and maximum digit counts.
 * <p>This class is package private.  It registers several standard
 * variants with the system which are then accessed via their IDs.
 * @author Alan Liu
00031 class UnescapeTransliterator : public Transliterator {


     * The encoded pattern specification.  The pattern consists of
     * zero or more forms.  Each form consists of a prefix, suffix,
     * radix, minimum digit count, and maximum digit count.  These
     * values are stored as a five character header.  That is, their
     * numeric values are cast to 16-bit characters and stored in the
     * string.  Following these five characters, the prefix
     * characters, then suffix characters are stored.  Each form thus
     * takes n+5 characters, where n is the total length of the prefix
     * and suffix.  The end is marked by a header of length one
     * consisting of the character END.
00047     UChar* spec; // owned; may not be NULL


     * Registers standard variants with the system.  Called by
     * Transliterator during initialization.
    static void registerIDs();

     * Constructor.  Takes the encoded spec array (does not adopt it).
     * @param ID   the string identifier for this transliterator
     * @param spec the encoded spec array
    UnescapeTransliterator(const UnicodeString& ID,
                           const UChar *spec);

     * Copy constructor.
    UnescapeTransliterator(const UnescapeTransliterator&);

     * Destructor.
    virtual ~UnescapeTransliterator();

     * Transliterator API.
    virtual Transliterator* clone() const;

     * ICU "poor man's RTTI", returns a UClassID for the actual class.
    virtual UClassID getDynamicClassID() const;

     * ICU "poor man's RTTI", returns a UClassID for this class.
    U_I18N_API static UClassID U_EXPORT2 getStaticClassID();


     * Implements {@link Transliterator#handleTransliterate}.
     * @param text        the buffer holding transliterated and
     *                    untransliterated text
     * @param offset      the start and limit of the text, the position
     *                    of the cursor, and the start and limit of transliteration.
     * @param incremental if true, assume more text may be coming after
     *                    pos.contextLimit.  Otherwise, assume the text is complete.
    virtual void handleTransliterate(Replaceable& text, UTransPosition& offset,
                             UBool isIncremental) const;





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