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virtual UnicodeString& Normalizer2::normalizeSecondAndAppend ( UnicodeString first,
const UnicodeString second,
UErrorCode errorCode 
) const [pure virtual]

Appends the normalized form of the second string to the first string (merging them at the boundary) and returns the first string. The result is normalized if the first string was normalized. The first and second strings must be different objects.

first string, should be normalized
second string, will be normalized
errorCode Standard ICU error code. Its input value must pass the U_SUCCESS() test, or else the function returns immediately. Check for U_FAILURE() on output or use with function chaining. (See User Guide for details.)
first ICU 4.4

Implemented in FilteredNormalizer2.

Referenced by unorm2_append(), unorm2_normalizeSecondAndAppend(), and unorm_compare().

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