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Measure::Measure ( const Formattable number,
MeasureUnit adoptedUnit,
UErrorCode ec 

Construct an object with the given numeric amount and the given unit. After this call, the caller must not delete the given unit object.

number a numeric object; amount.isNumeric() must be TRUE
adoptedUnit the unit object, which must not be NULL
ec input-output error code. If the amount or the unit is invalid, then this will be set to a failing value. ICU 3.0

Definition at line 22 of file measure.cpp.

References Formattable::isNumeric(), number, U_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT_ERROR, and U_SUCCESS.

    number(_number), unit(adoptedUnit) {
    if (U_SUCCESS(ec) &&
        (!number.isNumeric() || adoptedUnit == 0)) {

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