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U_STABLE UBiDi* U_EXPORT2 ubidi_open ( void   ) 

Allocate a UBiDi structure. Such an object is initially empty. It is assigned the Bidi properties of a piece of text containing one or more paragraphs by ubidi_setPara() or the Bidi properties of a line within a paragraph by ubidi_setLine().

This object can be reused for as long as it is not deallocated by calling ubidi_close().

ubidi_setPara() and ubidi_setLine() will allocate additional memory for internal structures as necessary.

An empty UBiDi object. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 119 of file ubidi.c.

References U_ZERO_ERROR.

    UErrorCode errorCode=U_ZERO_ERROR;
    return ubidi_openSized(0, 0, &errorCode);

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