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U_STABLE void U_EXPORT2 ubidi_reorderLogical ( const UBiDiLevel levels,
int32_t  length,
int32_t *  indexMap 

This is a convenience function that does not use a UBiDi object. It is intended to be used for when an application has determined the levels of objects (character sequences) and just needs to have them reordered (L2). This is equivalent to using ubidi_getLogicalMap() on a UBiDi object.

levels is an array with length levels that have been determined by the application.
length is the number of levels in the array, or, semantically, the number of objects to be reordered. It must be length>0.
indexMap is a pointer to an array of length indexes which will reflect the reordering of the characters. The array does not need to be initialized.
The index map will result in indexMap[logicalIndex]==visualIndex. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 749 of file ubidiln.c.

References NULL.

    int32_t start, limit, sumOfSosEos;
    UBiDiLevel minLevel = 0, maxLevel = 0;

    if(indexMap==NULL || !prepareReorder(levels, length, indexMap, &minLevel, &maxLevel)) {

    /* nothing to do? */
    if(minLevel==maxLevel && (minLevel&1)==0) {

    /* reorder only down to the lowest odd level */

    /* loop maxLevel..minLevel */
    do {

        /* loop for all sequences of levels to reorder at the current maxLevel */
        for(;;) {
            /* look for a sequence of levels that are all at >=maxLevel */
            /* look for the first index of such a sequence */
            while(start<length && levels[start]<maxLevel) {
            if(start>=length) {
                break;  /* no more such sequences */

            /* look for the limit of such a sequence (the index behind it) */
            for(limit=start; ++limit<length && levels[limit]>=maxLevel;) {}

             * sos=start of sequence, eos=end of sequence
             * The closed (inclusive) interval from sos to eos includes all the logical
             * and visual indexes within this sequence. They are logically and
             * visually contiguous and in the same range.
             * For each run, the new visual index=sos+eos-old visual index;
             * we pre-add sos+eos into sumOfSosEos ->
             * new visual index=sumOfSosEos-old visual index;

            /* reorder each index in the sequence */
            do {
            } while(++start<limit);

            /* start==limit */
            if(limit==length) {
                break;  /* no more such sequences */
            } else {
    } while(--maxLevel>=minLevel);

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