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U_STABLE int32_t U_EXPORT2 ubidi_getResultLength ( const UBiDi pBiDi  ) 

Get the length of the reordered text resulting from the last call to ubidi_setPara(). This length may be different from the length of the source text if option UBIDI_OPTION_INSERT_MARKS or option UBIDI_OPTION_REMOVE_CONTROLS has been set.
This resulting length is the one to consider in the following cases:

  • maximum value of the visualIndex argument of ubidi_getLogicalIndex
  • number of elements of the *indexMap argument of ubidi_getVisualMap
Note that this length stays identical to the source text length if Bidi marks are inserted or removed using option bits of ubidi_writeReordered, or if option UBIDI_REORDER_INVERSE_NUMBERS_AS_L has been set.

pBiDi is the paragraph UBiDi object.
The length of the reordered text resulting from the last call to ubidi_setPara.
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Definition at line 2091 of file ubidi.c.

    if(IS_VALID_PARA_OR_LINE(pBiDi)) {
        return pBiDi->resultLength;
    } else {
        return 0;

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