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void VTimeZone::getTimeZoneRules ( const InitialTimeZoneRule *&  initial,
const TimeZoneRule trsrules[],
int32_t &  trscount,
UErrorCode status 
) [virtual]

Gets the InitialTimeZoneRule and the set of TimeZoneRule which represent time transitions for this time zone. On successful return, the argument initial points to non-NULL InitialTimeZoneRule and the array trsrules is filled with 0 or multiple TimeZoneRule instances up to the size specified by trscount. The results are referencing the rule instance held by this time zone instance. Therefore, after this time zone is destructed, they are no longer available.

initial Receives the initial timezone rule
trsrules Receives the timezone transition rules
trscount On input, specify the size of the array 'transitions' receiving the timezone transition rules. On output, actual number of rules filled in the array will be set.
status Receives error status code. ICU 3.8

Implements BasicTimeZone.

Definition at line 1205 of file vtzone.cpp.

References BasicTimeZone::getTimeZoneRules().

    tz->getTimeZoneRules(initial, trsrules, trscount, status);

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