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UnicodeMatcher Class Reference

#include <unimatch.h>

Inheritance diagram for UnicodeMatcher:

StringMatcher UnicodeFilter TestFilter TestFilter1 UnicodeSet

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Detailed Description

UnicodeMatcher defines a protocol for objects that can match a range of characters in a Replaceable string. ICU 2.4

Definition at line 68 of file unimatch.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void addMatchSetTo (UnicodeSet &toUnionTo) const =0
virtual UMatchDegree matches (const Replaceable &text, int32_t &offset, int32_t limit, UBool incremental)=0
virtual UBool matchesIndexValue (uint8_t v) const =0
virtual UnicodeStringtoPattern (UnicodeString &result, UBool escapeUnprintable=FALSE) const =0
virtual ~UnicodeMatcher ()

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