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loengine.h File Reference

Detailed Description

C API for complex text layout.

For internal use only.

This is a technology preview. The API may change significantly.

Definition in file loengine.h.

#include "LETypes.h"

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typedef void le_engine
typedef void le_font


U_INTERNAL void U_EXPORT2 le_close (le_engine *engine)
U_INTERNAL le_engine *U_EXPORT2 le_create (const le_font *font, le_int32 scriptCode, le_int32 languageCode, le_int32 typo_flags, LEErrorCode *success)
U_INTERNAL void U_EXPORT2 le_getCharIndices (le_engine *engine, le_int32 charIndices[], LEErrorCode *success)
U_INTERNAL void U_EXPORT2 le_getCharIndicesWithBase (le_engine *engine, le_int32 charIndices[], le_int32 indexBase, LEErrorCode *success)
U_INTERNAL le_int32 U_EXPORT2 le_getGlyphCount (le_engine *engine, LEErrorCode *success)
U_INTERNAL void U_EXPORT2 le_getGlyphPosition (le_engine *engine, le_int32 glyphIndex, float *x, float *y, LEErrorCode *success)
U_INTERNAL void U_EXPORT2 le_getGlyphPositions (le_engine *engine, float positions[], LEErrorCode *success)
U_INTERNAL void U_EXPORT2 le_getGlyphs (le_engine *engine, LEGlyphID glyphs[], LEErrorCode *success)
U_INTERNAL le_int32 U_EXPORT2 le_layoutChars (le_engine *engine, const LEUnicode chars[], le_int32 offset, le_int32 count, le_int32 max, le_bool rightToLeft, float x, float y, LEErrorCode *success)
U_INTERNAL void U_EXPORT2 le_reset (le_engine *engine, LEErrorCode *success)

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