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TimeArrayTimeZoneRule::TimeArrayTimeZoneRule ( const UnicodeString name,
int32_t  rawOffset,
int32_t  dstSavings,
const UDate startTimes,
int32_t  numStartTimes,
DateTimeRule::TimeRuleType  timeRuleType 

Constructs a TimeArrayTimeZoneRule with the name, the GMT offset of its standard time, the amount of daylight saving offset adjustment and the array of times when this rule takes effect.

name The time zone name.
rawOffset The UTC offset of its standard time in milliseconds.
dstSavings The amount of daylight saving offset adjustment in milliseconds. If this ia a rule for standard time, the value of this argument is 0.
startTimes The array start times in milliseconds since the base time (January 1, 1970, 00:00:00).
numStartTimes The number of elements in the parameter "startTimes"
timeRuleType The time type of the start times, which is one of DataTimeRule::WALL_TIME, STANDARD_TIME and UTC_TIME. ICU 3.8

Definition at line 400 of file tzrule.cpp.

References U_ZERO_ERROR.

Referenced by clone().

: TimeZoneRule(name, rawOffset, dstSavings), fTimeRuleType(timeRuleType),
  fStartTimes(NULL) {
    UErrorCode status = U_ZERO_ERROR;
    initStartTimes(startTimes, numStartTimes, status);
    //TODO - status?

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