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void StringSearch::setCollator ( RuleBasedCollator coll,
UErrorCode status 

Sets the collator used for the language rules. User retains the ownership of this collator, thus the responsibility of deletion lies with the user. This method causes internal data such as Boyer-Moore shift tables to be recalculated, but the iterator's position is unchanged.

coll collator
status for errors if any ICU 2.0

Definition at line 280 of file stsearch.cpp.

References RuleBasedCollator::getUCollator(), m_collator_, m_strsrch_, RuleBasedCollator::setUCollator(), and U_SUCCESS.

    if (U_SUCCESS(status)) {
        usearch_setCollator(m_strsrch_, coll->getUCollator(), &status);
        // Alias the collator
        m_collator_.setUCollator((UCollator *)m_strsrch_->collator);

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