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UChar32 Replaceable::char32At ( int32_t  offset  )  const [inline, inherited]

Returns the 32-bit code point at the given 16-bit offset into the text. This assumes the text is stored as 16-bit code units with surrogate pairs intermixed. If the offset of a leading or trailing code unit of a surrogate pair is given, return the code point of the surrogate pair.

offset an integer between 0 and length()-1 inclusive
32-bit code point of text at given offset ICU 1.8

Reimplemented in UnicodeString.

Definition at line 251 of file rep.h.

References Replaceable::getChar32At().

Referenced by Transliterator::_transliterate(), Transliterator::filteredTransliterate(), UnicodeNameTransliterator::handleTransliterate(), UnescapeTransliterator::handleTransliterate(), TitlecaseTransliterator::handleTransliterate(), NameUnicodeTransliterator::handleTransliterate(), EscapeTransliterator::handleTransliterate(), CaseMapTransliterator::handleTransliterate(), UnicodeFilter::matches(), ScriptRunIterator::next(), StringReplacer::replace(), and TransliterationRuleSet::transliterate().

    return getChar32At(offset);

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