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int8_t Grego::monthLength ( int32_t  year,
int32_t  month 
) [inline, static]

Return the number of days in the given month.

year Gregorian year, with 0 == 1 BCE, -1 == 2 BCE, etc.
month 0-based month, with 0==Jan
the number of days in the given month

Definition at line 264 of file gregoimp.h.

References isLeapYear().

Referenced by dayOfWeekInMonth(), TimeZone::getOffset(), SimpleTimeZone::getOffset(), RuleBasedTimeZone::getOffset(), OlsonTimeZone::getOffset(), SimpleTimeZone::getOffsetFromLocal(), AnnualTimeZoneRule::getStartInYear(), and previousMonthLength().

    return MONTH_LENGTH[month + (isLeapYear(year) ? 12 : 0)];

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