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void DateIntervalFormat::setFallbackPattern ( UCalendarDateFields  field,
const UnicodeString skeleton,
UErrorCode status 
) [private]

Set fall back interval pattern given a calendar field, a skeleton, and a date time pattern generator.

field the largest different calendar field
skeleton a skeleton
status output param set to success/failure code on exit

For internal use only.

ICU 4.0

Definition at line 961 of file dtitvfmt.cpp.

References fDtpng, fInfo, DateTimePatternGenerator::getBestPattern(), DateIntervalInfo::getDefaultOrder(), NULL, setPatternInfo(), and U_FAILURE.

Referenced by initializePattern().

    if ( U_FAILURE(status) ) {
    UnicodeString pattern = fDtpng->getBestPattern(skeleton, status);
    if ( U_FAILURE(status) ) {
    setPatternInfo(field, NULL, &pattern, fInfo->getDefaultOrder());

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