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void DateIntervalFormat::setIntervalPattern ( UCalendarDateFields  field,
const UnicodeString intervalPattern,
UBool  laterDateFirst 
) [private]

Break interval patterns as 2 part and save them into pattern info.

field calendar field
intervalPattern interval pattern
laterDateFirst whether later date appear first in interval pattern

For internal use only.

ICU 4.0

Definition at line 1012 of file dtitvfmt.cpp.

References UnicodeString::extract(), UnicodeString::length(), setPatternInfo(), splitPatternInto2Part(), and UnicodeString::startsWith().

    const UnicodeString* pattern = &intervalPattern;
    UBool order = laterDateFirst;
    // check for "latestFirst:" or "earliestFirst:" prefix
    int8_t prefixLength = sizeof(gLaterFirstPrefix)/sizeof(gLaterFirstPrefix[0]);
    int8_t earliestFirstLength = sizeof(gEarlierFirstPrefix)/sizeof(gEarlierFirstPrefix[0]);
    UnicodeString realPattern;
    if ( intervalPattern.startsWith(gLaterFirstPrefix, prefixLength) ) {
        order = true;
                                intervalPattern.length() - prefixLength,
        pattern = &realPattern;
    } else if ( intervalPattern.startsWith(gEarlierFirstPrefix,
                                           earliestFirstLength) ) {
        order = false;
                                intervalPattern.length() - earliestFirstLength,
        pattern = &realPattern;

    int32_t splitPoint = splitPatternInto2Part(*pattern);
    UnicodeString firstPart;
    UnicodeString secondPart;
    pattern->extract(0, splitPoint, firstPart);
    if ( splitPoint < pattern->length() ) {
        pattern->extract(splitPoint, pattern->length()-splitPoint, secondPart);
    setPatternInfo(field, &firstPart, &secondPart, order);

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