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U_STABLE void U_EXPORT2 u_versionFromUString ( UVersionInfo  versionArray,
const UChar *  versionString 

Parse a Unicode string with dotted-decimal version information and fill in a UVersionInfo structure with the result. Definition of this function lives in putil.c

versionArray The destination structure for the version information.
versionString A Unicode string with dotted-decimal version information, with up to four non-negative number fields with values of up to 255 each. ICU 4.2

Definition at line 1840 of file putil.c.

References NULL, U_MAX_VERSION_STRING_LENGTH, and u_strlen().

    if(versionArray!=NULL && versionString!=NULL) {
        char versionChars[U_MAX_VERSION_STRING_LENGTH+1];
        int32_t len = u_strlen(versionString);
            len = U_MAX_VERSION_STRING_LENGTH;
        u_UCharsToChars(versionString, versionChars, len);
        u_versionFromString(versionArray, versionChars);

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