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U_STABLE UBool U_EXPORT2 u_isprint ( UChar32  c  ) 

Determines whether the specified code point is a printable character. True for general categories other than "C" (controls).

This is a C/POSIX migration function. See the comments about C/POSIX character classification functions in the documentation at the top of this header file.

c the code point to be tested
TRUE if the code point is a printable character
See also:

u_iscntrl ICU 2.0

Definition at line 464 of file uchar.c.

References U_GC_C_MASK.

    uint32_t props;
    GET_PROPS(c, props);
    /* comparing ==0 returns FALSE for the categories mentioned */
    return (UBool)((CAT_MASK(props)&U_GC_C_MASK)==0);

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