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U_STABLE void U_EXPORT2 u_charAge ( UChar32  c,
UVersionInfo  versionArray 

Get the "age" of the code point. The "age" is the Unicode version when the code point was first designated (as a non-character or for Private Use) or assigned a character. This can be useful to avoid emitting code points to receiving processes that do not accept newer characters. The data is from the UCD file DerivedAge.txt.

c The code point.
versionArray The Unicode version number array, to be filled in.
ICU 2.1

Definition at line 790 of file uchar.c.

References NULL.

    if(versionArray!=NULL) {
        uint32_t version=u_getUnicodeProperties(c, 0)>>UPROPS_AGE_SHIFT;

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