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DateTimePatternGenerator *U_EXPORT2 DateTimePatternGenerator::createEmptyInstance ( UErrorCode status  )  [static]

Create an empty generator, to be constructed with addPattern(...) etc.

status Output param set to success/failure code on exit, which must not indicate a failure before the function call. ICU 3.8

Definition at line 254 of file dtptngen.cpp.

References DateTimePatternGenerator(), NULL, U_FAILURE, and U_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_ERROR.

Referenced by IntlTestDateTimePatternGeneratorAPI::testAPI(), and udatpg_openEmpty().

    DateTimePatternGenerator *result = new DateTimePatternGenerator(status);
    if (result == NULL) {
    if (U_FAILURE(status)) {
        delete result;
        result = NULL;
    return result;

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